Four-hand Works of Franz Schubert, Volume I
Allegro in A Minor ("Lebensstürme"), D. 947; Fantasy in G Minor, D. 9;
Grand Sonata in B-flat Major, Op. 30/D. 617; Overture to Alfonso und
Estrella, Op. 69/D. 773; Six Polonaises, D. 824

Dana Muller & Gary Steigerwalt,

four-hand pianists
Centaur CD CRC 2272

Recorded August and October 1995 in Steinert Hall, Boston MA
Engineers: Dana Muller and Gary Steigerwalt
Editing: James C. Hemingway
Piano Technician: Drew Lydotes
Cover Painting: Caspar David Friedrich, Schwäne im Schilf beim ersten

Executive Producer: Victor E. Sachse

1- Allegro in A Minor ("Lebensstürme") D.947

2- Fantasy in G. Minor, D.9

Grand Sonata in B-flat Major, Op.30/D.617

3- Allegro moderato
4- Andante con moto
5- Allegretto

6- Overture to Alfonso und Estrella, Op. 69/D.773

Six Polonaises, D.824

7- No. 1 in D Minor
8- No. 2 in F Major
9- No. 3 in B-flat Major
10- No. 4 in D Major
11- No. 5 in A Major
12- No. 6 in E Major


Excerpts from Reviews of Schubert Performances

The Worcester Phoenix, Worcester MA, October 28, 1994, review by Myles Tronic

"The duo played Schubert's early Grand Sonata in B-flat, D. 617 (Op. 30), with its sweet and buttery themes and harmonies, in a perfect union of aesthetics."


Union News, Springfield MA, October 6, 1994, review by Clifton J. Noble Jr.

"While Franz Schubert's 'Grand Sonata' in B-flat, D. 617 may not attain the emotional profundity of his later sonata in the same key for piano solo, it is vintage Schubert, traversing the harmonic spectrum via strands of melody draped over throbbing repeated chords. Steigerwalt, in the second position (the lower half of the keyboard) controlled the pedal, keeping the textures dry and clear for Muller's tunes."


Union News, Springfield MA, February 25, 1992, review by Clifton J. Noble Jr.

". . . [The] densely daubed landscapes and lush draughts of harmony [of Schubert's Eight Variations on an Original Theme in A-flat Major] were positively cloying. The duo's light touch and judicious pedaling rescued the clarity of the effusive, passionate musical language."