“Muller and Steigerwalt . . . display the incredible variety of musical styles needed to make the most of all these works, as well as the high level of technical fluency. An outstanding disc.”


“. . . a handsome performance of Debussy’s Marche ecossaise.”
Boston Globe


“an outstanding concert by Dana Muller and Gary Steigerwalt. . . . Their program could hardly have been more beautifully chosen or more flawlessly executed. . . . Ravel’s La valse in the composer’s own two-piano transcription concluded the program. . . . The Muller-Steigerwalt team played it with perfectly controlled abandon, as a fitting wrap-up to a scintillating evening.”
Mark DeVoto, The Boston Musical Intelligencer


“The complexities of four-hand duets are immense. The parts often overlap, so that a pianist frequently finds himself crossing his own or his partner’s hand. Still, these pianists mesh so perfectly that such occasions are no problem. The difficulties are justified by the overall musical effect, in which the entire keyboard is producing a wonderful blend and volume of sound, exploiting an aspect of piano music which cannot be realized in any other way.”
Sierra Vista Herald/Bisbee Daily Review (AZ)


“Their exquisite phrasing and perfectly coordinated tone production appeared to be driven by the impulse of a single mind.”
Springfield Union-News (MA)


“Four-hand piano duo Dana Muller and Gary Steigerwalt are terrific players who perform all three works on the program [Josef Rheinberger, Anton Rubinstein, and Frederick Shepherd Converse] with panache and conviction.”
James Leonard, www.allmusic.com


“Interpretatively . . . Muller and Steigerwalt have obviously planned every detail of balance, phrasing, tone with a spirit of one-ness . . . . This disc provides refreshingly different repertoire, beautifully played.”
Pan Pipes


“They played up a storm in the Mendelssohn, tossing off brilliant parallel scale passages like so much tinsel, molding elegant phrases with a balance of delicacy and power as they manipulated the keyboard with the unity of a single player.”
Springfield Union-News (MA)


“. . . first-rate artists’ sterling playing.”
The Worcester Phoenix (MA)


“The duo brought the audience to its feet on the conclusion of this piece [Ravel, La Valse]. Their fingers literally flew across the keyboard as the balance of soft and loud sounds of the waltz vibrated with the life the pianists gave each note.”
Green Valley News & Sun (AZ)